Design complex offshore wind farm projects and test O&M strategies with ReBOT Augmented Intelligence tool

Live O&M

ReBOT finds optimised solutions for the challenges being faced by renewable operators while performing O&M


Create plugins involving AI implementations, data analytics, predictions, and automation tasks using historical data...

Benefits & Features

ReBOT optimises Installation and O&M tasks by identifying the most valuable switchgear operations to carry out with available resources, based on operator requirements and analysis of past, current, and predicted future performance using industry-first human-centred artificial intelligence.

Resource Availability

Optimise tasks based on resource availability such as types of vessels, number of vessels, technicians, spare parts, tools, and types of equipment...

Weather Conditions

Checks weather conditions 24/7 and predict the presence of risks involved in carrying out operations


Prioritised tasks

Optimise O&M tasks based on priorities such as TBA/EBA, weather forecast, payback time period...

Visualise end results

Identifies and estimates the end time of the whole operations with financial expenses. Vessel utilisation, fuel costs, distance covered, spare parts costs...

Middleware Architecture

AI analytical, ReBOT, tool will be deployed in-house and runs parallel to your existing applications without burdening any of your HW/SW resources.

Brian Behind your applications

Optimisation, Data Analytics, Prediction...

AI analytical, ReBOT, the tool will be deployed in-house and runs parallel to your existing applications without burdening any of your HW/SW resources.

Optimise based on aesthetics

Additional Features

Live Dashboard with GUI

• Dashboards with 24/7 monitoring system (SCADA)
• Weather Forecast and monitoring for H&S
• Upcoming maintenance tasks
• TBA/EBA/Income/Expense
• Identify ahead roadblocks


Data Analysis

• Advanced Machine learning techniques are used to suggest based on historical data combined with new solutions
• Route optimisation
• Perform O&M based on TBA, EBA, Finance, Resource availability, Weather Forecast, and any Custom requirements
• Suggestion to use the right vessel based on the scenarios



• Plan, Build and visualise O&M for Wind Farms
• Train staff with complex O&M simulated scenarios
• Run parallel Wind Farm with real world



• Build custom reports and share them with colleagues
• Logs – store all digital records
• Generic reports covering maintenance, production, targets, O&M results, hiring, clients, and users…
• LIVE updates on ongoing tasks, SOS from assets, communications between colleagues etc.


Software Research Development

RenewableBOT team has the combination of extensive software development experience, knowledge of the offshore wind sector, and a deep understanding of AI techniques to ensure that RenewableBOT is in a very strong position to develop its products as a market-leading O&M optimization software tools.



  • Irish University
  • Technical Development of optimisation for Cost Reduction
  • 2018-2020
  • EU Project
  • Technical Development of O&M desktop application
  • 2020-2022
  • Wind Forecast Application
  • Developed wind forecast application for an Energy management company
  • 2022


Environmental Research Institute,
Ellen Hutchins Building 6 Lee Rd, Sunday's Well,
Cork, T23 XE10

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